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Automatic Voltage Stabilizer and Line Conditioners

Surge Series has the intelligent Surge Discrimination ability which can discriminate between a temporary over-voltage condition and a transient voltage to offer long life protection in real world conditions. This discriminates between slower mains voltage irregularities and high speed surges and transients ensuring continued protection even after severe over-voltage events. Serial Surge Suppressor consists of a shunt protector, designed to reduce surge energy, followed by an efficient low pass filter, which eliminates high frequency interference. Not only does this reduce the level of voltage and current but it further reduces the speed of change of voltage and current providing superior protection for sensitive electronic equipment.

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Automatic Voltage Stabilizer

Line Conditioner


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As a regional organization, we have sales and support centers in the following countries: Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Brunei, Philippines, Sri Lanka and Hong Kong. For the past decades, Interlink has installed modules of Power-Plus UPS and DC Power systems, solar power systems and turnkey site installation in these regions. Local and overseas enquires are welcomed.